• Happy New Year 2012 !

  • Good day to everyone in this new year. We hope you had great holidays and had a good time on any new years eve celebration you may have attended. We know though that not all celebrate in the traditional way, I myself (taurus) worked nighttime at the factory, and I’m sure there are some that did that too or simply just stayed at home gaming as the clock ticked by 00:00. Whatever floats your boat we still wish you a happy new year :D

    So what more can we say? I suppose I could mention that we have some news to show too? I think you agree it’s time for that :)

    First out we have a few lab models. An stereo microscope, with an cold light unit.

    Our second model is an egg crib.

    The famous embryo cold strage tanks. It’s still a work in progress. I must add more detail to the texture and make some tweaks. This one is already animated . Btw, all models in this entire newspost are created by me (taurus). Promise of models from Redeyes have been made for next news!

    Leaving the lab we march out into the bush and find a fence. This one is one that keeps the somewhat smaller sized dinosaurs, like the Dilophosaurus, away from your children.

    Something that also keeps dinosaurs on safe distance, at least the small and medium sized ones, is the Taser. Zapp! Zapp!

    The last thing we have to show this time is a walk cycle I created for the T-rex. I recorded this from HLMV, so it’s what you’ll see ingame. I had to animate this in XSI and it’s my first encounter with animation ever in this program so I hope you are not to hard on me. :o

    We continuously try to find recruits to the project and have at least two new members for the time. SIR_halyavshik who will be our helping hand in mapping apart from what I do in this area. Jacob a.k.a. Jakeh111 is another new member we are getting help from, but in the sound department. He will be creating various sound effects we will need. Also we have continuously spoken to other potential recruits but we can’t definitively say they are members at this time.