May 29, 2009 - We need you!

 Hello everyone, we appeal to you, the team is looking for qualified people to speed up the project, thank you to skip the message if you can. Here is a list of people we are looking for:

- 1 Animator to animate dinosaurs and export them into the game.
- 1-2 Modeler/skinner for humans, weapons, props.
- 1-2 persons that can record dialogues for Hammond, Arnold and more.
- 1 person with very good English skills that can help us with making proper  dialogues (correcting existing ones).

For contact visit the recruit section in our forum. Or mail me:


January 01, 2009 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009

  Hello, the entire team joins me to wish you, with a little delay, a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009. We had the intention of making a bigger news update for this year-end, but we didn"t quite make it so please forgive us. Currently we are working on the editing of some maps, creating the final maps and animation of dinosaurs. Our coder, HENNEQUIN Thibault, have now include the orange box engine and sdk in the project. I also want to leave a reminder that we urgently could use the help of a modeler/skinner (animator?), Candidates must post in the recruitment forum. And I shall not make you wait any longer, here are a few visuals:

Work In progress of the compy made by OLENDER Robert (The modeler of the previous compsognathus never gave us an actual model so we ended up having to make a new one again):

T-Rex skeleton model made by & Theropod-X and edited by OLENDER Robert. Stone made by OLENDER Robert (WIP):

Level progress by DESNOS Julien:

And now, the best, one Happy New year "Rocketosaurus" :p


May 09, 2008 - Medias update.

 The team is back, and offers several new medias. Let's start with the arrival of Dilophosaurus, created by Scott SCHERRER. This model is waiting to find one animator to enable him to move, so if you are interested, please contact us on the forum. Place to the visual, which will redirect on the STORY page:

 Updated also CHAPTERS page, you'll see some visuals to help you assess the progress of the last map of the first chapter:

 It's not over, Our 2d artist, and now modeler/skinner, OLENDER Robert, have modified, recompiled, optimized, skinned and reskinned the various plants that you can find in the jungle of Isla Nublar. Be carreful, once in the jungle, it loses easily ;) . A small compilation of models below:

 And below rendering inside the Velociraptors enclosure:

 Our coder, HENNEQUIN Thibault, is currently training in a video games developing company, putting coding project brief pause, given the lead taken by the latter, it poses no problem to the devellopement progress.

 Don't forget, we need one or two animators, if you are interested, contact us.


January 01, 2008 - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

All members of the team wish you a merry Christmas with a little delay, and a happy new year 2008. For 2008, we will try to post more news, but first and foremost, if all goes well, this year should see a playable version available to the general public. But to do this we are looking for differents artists help us, because the work becomes increasingly complex. We are currently looking for:

- animator..........[ to animate dinosaurs ]
- modelers.........[ to make plants/props/weapons/humans/dinosaurs ]
- texturers.........[ to skin/reskin models/props ]
- concept artist.[ for leveldesign/and other things ]
- coder................[ for programming NPC/Dinosaur AI ]

For those interested go to the forum section [ Recrutement / Job ], and posting a message with your portfolio by including medias of your jobs. A knowledge of the Source Engine is strongly recommended. Now some progress of the project, you can see a preview of the models including in the Visitor Center Laboratory:

 Here you can hear one music created by one new sound artist, Matthiew Harper:

 Cyaaa in the forum.

Jurassic Life STAFF

August 28, 2007 - Back from holidays!

The Jurassic Life Team is now back from holidays... But being on holidays did not mean we didn't work at all.
Regarding the pictures/screenshots we received several complaints concerning their tiny sizes. So from now on it will be possible for you to click on them and see a larger version.
Let us start with the models of our small animals which populate the park, the dinosaurs. We thus accommodated two new specimens on Isla Nublar. The first one is no other than the Dilophosaure created by SCHERRER Scott.

The second, a herbivore resembling a bird with a small head, I named, Gallimimus. Created by KIRSCH Nicolas:

With regard to the programming, HENNEQUIN Thibault has done an enormous job. Let us not only note the already complete integration of the hud, flashlight, but also of the programming of the forklift, of which you here can see a small video:

It should be noted that the Jeep Wrangler '93 also is functional, but there is no video of it, surprise! ;)
Programming of the inventory is under development with the assistance of our 2d artist, OLENDER Robert. This inventory takes the best functionality from the one in the Resident Evil game. It will thus be possible for you to equip your self with a weapon, observe it from every angle (turn, zoom, rotate...), throw it; So, seen here is a small progression of this functionality:

The equipment box is also in the course of being programmed. Model & texture is  being made by OLENDER Robert and it's in the course of completion:

Let us now move on to level design. Our problems concerning the High Dynamic Range lighting are solved and it is functioning like it should. The adjustment of the voices and lip adjustment of the characters is under development by our audio artist, PAIS David and the last map of the first chapter is finished to 70%, here are some visuals:

That's all for the moment; Do not forget, we seek:  Animators, Modelers / Skinners, 2d Artists and one NPC programmer. Post your candidature with some pictures and documents in the recruitment forum.

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