March 17, 2010 - Staff speak!

desnos.j: Hello to all. A bit late and despite previous information about "The Lost News" we decided to add a little news post for this month anyway. No visuals will be disclosed this time. Instead we decided to explain just what the members perform at this time. I will say that I am currently developing the second last map of Chapter 1 but not wishing to reveal more about game design, I give way to other members. see yaa!!!
olender.r: Hello everyone. My Name is Robert a.k.a. taurus and I'm going to tell you a bit about what I've been doing during February. My tasks vary a lot so I end up helping in different areas - like texturing, modeling, mapping and more. And it's therefore no surprise that I've been doing much of that this month too. A specific moment in our development was to optimize an area in our map where had had used 44 HL2 models to puzzle together a fence we needed. This fence wasn't the best solution so I took it upon me to decompile one of the original HL2 models used, edit it's geometry to fit our needs. The design was tweaked. New collision models were created. And finally it was compiled after 3 days of work. We now have 6 models instead of the 44. Previously to that I had spent 2 weeks editing some brush geometry and searching for bugs, one so serious that it crashed our map, actually that was also why I chose to optimize the fences since the crash bug was related to models. I now know how to control the crash but if it's solved 100% I can not tell yet.
There has been done a great deal of work by Nicolas Kirsch (Redeyes) who has touched upon new areas in our development. He has also pitched new ideas which started some structuring and discussion concerning further work flow and game documentation improvements. Enigma has continued to work with his models and also tried to help me solve the crash bug mentioned above and CameleonTH has continued his work on programming different essential parts for our game.
kirsch.n: Hi, i'm 3d modeler, and I'm set to work with the experiences I got from half-life 1 engine. Also I'm trying to understand and learn how Artificial Intelligence works in halflife 2 to apply this on our npcs without modification of existing AI code and it's functions. To that comes creation of 3d models, rigging, and animate them, working with complex QC files, like eye setup, debug new npcs in game, compiling server dll. My main role is in other words to try to make a more realistic and living universe for the game.
Hope you now have a little better understanding of what we do when we are "invisible" :) Until next time!

/JL Team


February 02, 2010 - Work in progress...

 Hello to all, as promised here is the progress of this January. First we start with a creation by Regis, the Ford Explorer model Jurassic Park:

Now the raptor egg created by enigma:

About programming, Came has coded some shader & visual effects. But also  begun the integration of the new inventory system with the help of Robert for the design. As the embodiment of the system of notes, I'll let the video speak for itself:

And In this next video, you can see the job made by Robert & CameleonTH... Surprise, the jeep is drivable:

See you soon... take a look at the end of this week, one little updated maby!!!


January 04, 2010 - Happy New Year!

 Hello to everyone, with some delay the entire team joins me to wish you a happy new year 2010. The year 2009 has been very good for the projects progress. Despite lacking animators... Also good to know is that now we will try to post news each month, see it as our new year resolution! Without making you wait more, here are the new visuals. A newly arrived specimen can be seen for the first time in the park, the Compsognathus, aka "compy" created by Robert Olender:

Small bonus of this new year, an InGame screenshot of the Compy with the updated version of VisitorCenter:

Another model of Robert, the flashlight that will be much more useful than you think. As you may have noticed, the batteries will be necessary for its proper functioning.

Below, in order of display, the new system design of the weapon box, and the new design of the inventory, while both also created by Robert.

In mapping point of view, the last map is being edited by myself and will be finished shortly. Then follows the scripting of the full maps and various polishing. Also remember that we are always looking for different people able to join the team:

- 1 Compiling who can prepare. Qc files with animations (Maya fom) and compiles them.
- 1 Modeler / Skinner for humans, weapons, props.

Other promotions will be announced in the coming days. The year 2010 will be rich in dinosaurs, and don't forget, vote for us (click on the picture):


August 25, 2009 - End of Holidays!

 Hello everybody! So sun, sea and sand all has come to an end! During this time you have been cheering for news and we actually have some progress to show despite this slack period. Wasting no time, here is a little video of the Jurassic Park Online System coded by HENNEQUIN Thibault and designed/coded by 'zemk':

You will naturally, during the phases of the game, be able to access these consoles to interact with them to view various types of information.
Make room for one of the most basic things seen in an FPS, the player's hands: . Texture creation and arm model modification by BOISSENIN Regis:

Hands only? No, this is what will fill them! First in order, the medusa, personal weapon of Robert Muldoon. And the SPAS12 a weapon ordered in substantial numbers by INGEN© to secure the park.

A new dinosaur joins the park, I present the Triceratops created by BOISSENIN Regis in an unskinned version for the moment:

Jungle is a prominent part of the game and look, here we add a new tree model, a banana tree created by OLENDER Robert:

That's all for the moment! About the maps, to keep the surprise of the story, no more visual will be revealed.
I remind you that we always look for different people who can help the staff:

- 1 Programmer for IA and others stuff.
- 1 Compiler who can prepare .qc files with animations and compile them.
- 1 Modeler/Skinner for humans, weapons, props.
- 1-2 persons that can record dialogues for Hammond, Arnold and more.

For contact, visit the recruit section in our forum, and if you want to help us find them tell them about us or link to the digital flyer below. Thanks!:


June 08, 2009 - Status

 Hello all. We have some small news here to inform you that the project still is moving forward. Although we do have some problems with the creation of models, due to lack of personnel. I invite you to visit the forum if you want to help us. Also you can click the picture below and it will explain the available positions and tasks.

 Here is a little screen of a model created by Robert OLENDER:


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