November 14, 2010 - RSS update of homepage

Hello everybody! This month we have nothing to show officially as far as game content goes. We have an update for our homepage though which holds an RSS function which has been requested. CameleonTH arranged this for us.

October 05, 2010 - October - A postcard from Nublar

It says:


We're going to cut down on the talk since the dinosaurs are hunting us. The team is working despite this and have a few things that we could show you.
ROWNEY Joel would like to share with you his latest creations. WIP shots of the Parasaurolophus and Nedry in color.

OLENDER Robert has worked on a com-radio model which will have it's given purposes, optimized a few models and created some concepts.

DESNOS Julien continues to play god and build new worlds ;)

KIRSCH Nicolas has spent time on entity work and correcting issues on and preparing  the T-rex, Brachiousaurus and Triceratops for later edits we will have to do on the dinosaurs.

...and some unfinished sentences... and some blood..



September 01, 2010 - September

 We have worked a lot during the past two months.

has created new animations for the Compsognathus, Emissarys Raptor model has been tweaked and now is ready for rigging and then animation, and some of there modeling/skinning and UI texture tasks have been completed.

KIRSCH Nicolas
has handled the Ai coding for our NPCs and also worked on getting the Gallimimus model, ragdoll, animations & code to work like we want them too.

has made progress with his maps. No media will be unveiled, it is our choice to guarantee some surprises.

We are also glad to announce that a new member has joined us. ROWNEY Joel (a.k.a BaRaDa) and he's working on the Nedry model as you can see in this news post.

And a lot of "paperwork", we could call it organization optimization, has been done.
We really don't have the time to say much more right now but hope it's enough for those who wanted a little peak into the progress of the project.

Happy gaming in the meantime, and don't forget, we need you'r help, a programmer specifically, just check the recruitement picture/link at the right of top banner.

/JL Staff


June 10, 2010 - June

 Dear gamer ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to release some news!

As you may have noticed we had to skip the may news because of major work overload but also to be able to integrate new members into the team. Today one of them, Will Tonna a.k.a. LampEight, will tell you a little about his work in JL and we also have some moving and non moving things to show from other members.

Will T: My role within the project has been to supply the sound design and ambience to create a believable atmosphere. This can be as integral sounds for the games many dinosaurs or as subtle ambient noises for the plants and trees scattered throughout the game.
Additionally, I am involved in utilizing FMOD, a 3rd-party audio engine, for controlling the playback of the in-game music based on game variables. This should mean a better audio experience all round for the player.
The first sound I set about making for the project was that of the Compsognathus. Because of the many separate states the creature can be in (idle, alert, attacking, etc.), I had to convey the animal effectively through my sounds and make sure they worked alongside the in-game animation.
I never like revealing too much about how what my work is comprised of; I think it can take away from the magic sometimes. What I would say is that you're going to want to play Jurassic Life when it's finally out. It's shaping up to be unlike any other Source mod I've come across.

Here below we have some new game content to show you. Nicolas Kirsch a.k.a. Redeyes has enabled AI for some of our NPCs. More info on it can be read in the video description. Keep in mind that we have already made some changes for the animations and code since this was recorded so it's really not the latest content.

As promised here is another closeup animation by Robert Olender a.k.a. Taurus of the Compy dino. It shows a idle animation.

And finally we have an other custom made part for the game. The SPAS 12 shell, also made by Taurus.

Hope you enjoyed the news. See you next time!


April 14, 2010 - Anims and AI.

 Hello to everyone. It's news time again!

During these last 2 months we have worked hard with an area that we had not explored before. Animation. It's been like that through out our entire project development. Really no animator who knows source have had the time for free help us, so we now are learning how to do it ourselves. First out is an animation by Robert Olender aka taurus. Video recorded in HLMV and this means the model can be used ingame together with this animation. Sorry for the low FPS. Fraps and 8 years old CPUs don't seem to work that well together. More animation samples will be shown later.

Nicolas Kirsch
aka Redeyes has also worked on rigging his Gallimimus but since has also has been working on understanding the code of the AI there was no time for him to complete that just yet so no video from him but a screenshots of the dinosaur in a testmap.
(If someone with a good eye is wondering why the Gallimimus foot is in the sand the explanations to this is that the IK (inverse kinematics) that handles leg positioning is not enabled at this time.)

To that quite much time has been spent on looking over gameplay documentation and improving some existing ideas.

About the recruitment, at this time we seek a coder with knowledge about Source AI and how it best can be used for our models (NPCs and Weapons). Also we seek a mapper who can script advanced sequences, knows his/her I/O's, entities and is familiar with or willing to learn faceposer. There is one spot available for a modeler of environmental models and if you animate that is naturally not a minus. You should preferably have some knowledge of the model creation process.

That's all for the moment. Some other works is under progress. But wait and see ;). About me (DESNOS Julien), professional obligations will take some time until the beginning of the month of June You'll see me a little less, but do not panic, Robert and the rest of the team are always available.

Updated: Mistake corrected about what help we need.

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