Lead Developers

OLENDER Taurus Robert (Status: Active)
Models, Anims, Textures & Lead level designer, Art director
KIRSCH RedEyes Nicolas (Status: Active)
Programmer, Modeling, Animation & Textures
HENNEQUIN CameleonTH Thibault (Status: Paused)
Lead programmer
DESNOS izZz Julien (Status: Paused)
Project Founder

3D artists

BOISSENIN ‘wesh2k2’ Regis (Status: Paused)
Animations, Rigging, Modeling, Textures
CASTAGNEDE infernal cheese Nicolas (Status: Active)
Modeling, Textures


SIR_Halyavshik (Status: Active)
Gameplay scripter & assisting level designer


Video Texture artist

Dylan ‘Lord Krit’ Cross (Status: Active)
Video editor, Texture artist, idea concepts.

Sound Engineers

TONNA LampEight Will (Status: Paused)
Music and Sounds Artist
Zumer Javier (Status: Active)
Sounds Artist

Past developers & Specials Thanks:

Models, Skins:

Joel “BaRaDA” ROWNEY (Goat model & texture, Nedry model & texture)
SCHERRER “Emissary” Scott (Velociraptor Model & texture, Dilophosaurus model & texture)
O’NEIL “denz” Denzil (Jeep model & texture)
GORNET “Doggy Dog” Benoit (Dino toy & textures, fence models and textures, Crate model & texture, initial Brachiousaurus model, initial Gallimimus model)
EDWARDS “enigma” Allan (Raptor egg model & dinosaur crate model tweaks and compile)

Voice Actors:

PAIS “9thCell” David


Matthew Harper

Level designers:

DOUCE “ch4ndl3r” Sylvain
PONCIN”ReX” Nicolas(map edit)

Specials Thanks:

CGScience & Theropod-X for the T-Rex skeleton model.
zemk for the JP system texture.
JPC for your devotion in helping JL move forward. jimmynunchucks for your entusiasm and help.