December 12, 2012 - News 2012-12-12

Greetings everyone!

So almost a year has passed since our last news post and certainly we owe you an explanation. But as that would be to boring and long to read we move on over to the news :)

What you will see it the fruit of collaboration between several member this year. We finished the explorer, drivable, and new weapons, usable, like the machete and SPAS12 which has been redone. We also advanced a lot with NPC, our character models, Nedry and Hammond are still in progress but have advanced much more and are included in the game.

New fauna has been added, birds, insects, crocodiles, and, of course, many new dinosaurs, animated, and hostiles.

We are also working on a whole new AI for dinosaurs, so the most clever of them will patiently hide so he can ambush you when you feel safe. All levels have been greatly improved, with better lights, better design to enhance your experience. Optimizations have naturally also been done to, in fact they take up a lot of the mappers time as each individual object has to be addressed and given the properties to give the smallest amount of mark on the performance while still looking good.


One of our dearest member is releasing the MESA (Maya Exporter for Source Absolute), which is a script that improves the valve's one used to export models and animation from Autodesk Maya to Valve's source² for the newer versions of Maya. This contribution should help a lot of people in the modding community with an incredible workflow of one effective click import to source. It's still being enhanced, but it's already a great tool for all modders working on Maya. Some of our members in JL make use of it already of course.

We mainly need a coder/programer to help on AI, and unique features of Jurassic Life that need improvements (inventory, climate change...). We could use an helping hand from yet another modeler so if you are interested contact us via the forum. Make sure you do have the skills we request. Good modeling knowledge and knowledge of Zbrush or Mubox for example. Rigging and animation skills for Source is a large plus. Knowledge of exporting to Source is preferred. We could also use the help of someone who knows well the choreography tool.

Open request about Source engine error: Maybe someone in the community can help us out with a problem we encountered recently. When using the flashlight that casts dynamic shadows we get a crash in one of the levels in a certain area. When setting shadow settings to medium the bug is gone. Seems related to flashlight in other words. “To many vertex for a dynamic vertex buffer (number value)>(number value) Tell a programmer to up VERTEX_BUFFER_SIZE“ is the error. It could actually be hardware related as only 1 of us gets it it seems (still needs verification).

Credits : Nicolas “Redeyes” Kirsch, Robert “taurus” Olender, Julien "izZz" Desnos, Nicolas “infernal_cheese” Castagnede, Alexey aka “SIR_Halyavshik", Régis "weSh" Boissenin.


Mangrove tree model by Redeyes   Shell loader for Medusa by Redeyes

Anthurium flower model by Taurus   Ford Explorer model by Wesh2k2    Triceratops model by Wesh2k2       





January 02, 2012 - Happy New Year!

Good day to everyone in this new year. We hope you had great holidays and had a good time on any new years eve celebration you may have attended. We know though that not all celebrate in the traditional way, I myself (taurus) worked nighttime at the factory, and I'm sure there are some that did that too or simply just stayed at home gaming as the clock ticked by 00:00. Whatever floats your boat we still wish you a happy new year :D

So what more can we say? I suppose I could mention that we have some news to show too? I think you agree it's time for that :)

First out we have a few lab models. An stereo microscope, with an cold light unit.

Our second model is an egg crib.

The famous embryo cold strage tanks. It's still a work in progress. I must add more detail to the texture and make some tweaks. This one is already animated . Btw, all models in this entire newspost are created by me (taurus). Promise of models from Redeyes have been made for next news!

Leaving the lab we march out into the bush and find a fence. This one is one that keeps the somewhat smaller sized dinosaurs, like the Dilophosaurus, away from your children.

Something that also keeps dinosaurs on safe distance, at least the small and medium sized ones, is the Taser. Zapp! Zapp!

The last thing we have to show this time is a walk cycle I created for the T-rex. I recorded this from HLMV, so it's what you'll see ingame. I had to animate this in XSI and it's my first encounter with animation ever in this program so I hope you are not to hard on me. :o

We continuously try to find recruits to the project and have at least two new members for the time. SIR_halyavshik who will be our helping hand in mapping apart from what I do in this area. Jacob aka Jakeh111 is another new member we are getting help from, but in the sound department. He will be creating various sound effects we will need. Also we have continuously spoken to other potential recruits but we can't definitively say they are members at this time.


July 11, 2011 - News? Surprize!


Yes, it's news and it's as much an surprise to us as to you ;)
No not really but we actually did not plan on posting anything from the game two weeks ago but things took an turn for the better in a short time and so now we are here.

So what do we have to share?
We can say that we are very thankful for Thibaults aka CameleonTH work and he recently enabling lights for our Jeep so we now can see where we are heading. Off a cliff or still on the road? Those questions are history! ;)
We do however not have any screens of that but it will come in time to illustrate this. He also continues to work with various user interface elements.
Our new members Chris "Nexus" Choi, and Christopher "ChrisTanky" Chai have collaborated on the SPAS12 model to get it rigged and ready for animation. Animation was handled by ChrisTanky and he really does an impressive job we think. Nicolas Kirsch aka RedEyes did the first compile recently and we finally have custom arms and a custom weapon ingame! That's a milestone we are glad we have reached :)



RedEyes has been making some really nice progress on is human NPC model and some animal NPCs, those we also will tell you more about some other time though.

Robert aka Taurus has been mapping a lot the last year between modeling and he now has some screenshots to show. Over time people have been wondering if there will be any daylight maps and we have planned this yes. These screens show how Roberts day map will look. There is various new vegetation in the map which also has been made by Robert.
One thing that used to be vegetation is Roberts East Docks sign that is seen at the bottom of this post and is the last thing we show this time. Hope you liked the news and see you some time again in the future :)




May 30, 2011 - Hello world!

We've come out of the computer caves and have gathered some things to show and tell you this end of May.
Four new members are at this time creating some work for the mod and we are pleased to have them on because they are doing a very fine job so far.

Nicolas Kirsch aka Redeyes is currently looking over the weapon code and hopefully soon we will have our first fully functioning weapon working. It's been an area of low priority before due to main focus on prop & model creation but now that animations and coding are being fused together by help of Nexus and ChrisTanky (two of the new members) then we finally got the right recipe for this to get done!
Apart from that some modeling is in progress but that we save for another news-post.

Robert Olender aka taurus has been modeling and texturing for the most part and testing the Source engines limits... and reaching them several times way earlier in the tests than we hoped for but we will continue to make the best of the situation.

Here below we got some models created by Taurus:




January 30, 2011 - New Year, New News

Greetings to everyone in the new year. We hope your holidays were wonderful and colorful as the clocks hit 00:00 on new years eve.

This time we have a bit to say and a bit to show.

KIRSCH Nicolas aka Redeyes has been working his butt off with the coding trying to get an even better understanding of how NPCs work and we've had some really nice progress especially the last week. It's nothing we will show but I think it should definitely be mentioned. After all the interaction with everything living is a very important part of a game that doesn't really get that much attention, probably mostly due to it's format. Not really easy to grasp what his stuff below says, right?

(excerpt from ai_default.cpp)

void CAI_BaseNPC::InitDefaultScheduleSR(void)
#define ADD_DEF_SCHEDULE( name, localId ) idSpace.AddSchedule(name, localId, "CAI_BaseNPC" )

CAI_ClassScheduleIdSpace &idSpace = CAI_BaseNPC::AccessClassScheduleIdSpaceDirect();


I would like to present you with our 3rd, or is it 4th, version of the T-rex. Why? You may ask. Well the story is this that people simply forgot to leave their models or don't finish them. Our second T-rex was missing nails and teeth and left in a pose we did not want to reset manually. The transfer of the texture didn't really go to well ether which resulted in some texture deformation. We did a new try, but this model was never finished because of lack of time so OLENDER Robert - taurus, took it upon himself to finish it. This meant reshaping the last T-rex by Regis (wrong reference images were sadly used) and then making a new sculpt for it and new texture. 3 weeks work non stop pretty much and so finally it was at this stage which is presented in the images below.

HLMV Preview

 Ingame shot

Also when there is a T-rex around one can also expect lambchop...  ehm, goat. Bääää :)
ROWNEY Joel aka BaRaDa is working on this model which still is a WIP.

Prehistoric tooth pick


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